CCCV – Central Coast Community Volunteers – NEW

Susan-Middleton-SLOBG-docentOur new Central Coast Community Volunteers (CCCV) for those 50+ is thriving! Both RSVP & CCCV programs focus on utilizing the experience, knowledge and expertise of this valuable human resource to serve local community needs while sustaining the health and vitality of this growing population.

This new volunteer program enables us to continue serving ALL the nonprofits and government agencies within our geographic area, regardless of focus. “Our goal is to retain agencies and volunteers who will no longer qualify under the revised Federal guidelines, to increase the total pool of senior volunteers in service to our communities and to attract younger seniors.”

The mission of both volunteer programs is the recruitment and placement of seniors in high impact community volunteer opportunities which engage seniors in various enjoyable and meaningful assignments.

SVS must be able to attract and encourage younger seniors to fill the needs of ALL the agencies we serve. Our ability to attract even younger seniors through our new CCCV (which we cannot do now under RSVP guidelines) will increase opportunities for those individuals to remain healthy longer as they advance in age.

Our Staff and Board are committed to launch and sustain the new CCCV program, side by side with RSVP. We believe the community will recognize the need to recruit and retain younger senior volunteers and the need to continue to properly fund this new companion program.

May-2013-Docents-On-Tour-(2)Our history speaks for itself. We are matchmakers, and take great pride in the satisfaction levels of our volunteers AND the agencies they serve. Since January 2009, when we began our current volunteer management data system to tally and allocate hours, an amazing 1,099,018 hours are documented. That is an enviable record.   We are the best at what we do, and want to continue our services to ALL the volunteers and agencies that rely on us.

FREE Benefits
CCCV volunteers who report their hours while on CCCV assignments are protected with:

  • $1 million personal liability
  • $25K supplemental personal accident and
  • $500,000 excess auto liability and property damage.
    As of November 1, 2018, volunteers in need may request some reimbursement ($.14 per mile up to $15 per month) for transportation expenses related to their CCCV assignment. Reimbursement is capped at $15 per month and is payable quarterly.
  • All active, enrolled volunteers are recognized for their volunteer service at a special event held at least once each year in three locations.
  • FREE ADVERTISING: for 501C3 non-profit agencies with a current MOU on file.
    We are experienced recruiters and currently we publicize the needs of our partner agencies in a variety of ways (value added to partnership with us) and at no cost to those agencies:
    ·          Facebook –daily
    ·          Website
    ·          Constant Contact – weekly email blast (more frequently if needed)
    ·          Newspaper – every other week
    ·          Newsletter – every 4 months

Please print out the forms below and fax, mail or e-mail it. Right click and save the form to your computer to fill it out digitally.