Chair’s Corner by Tom Clough

“How rewarding is volunteering? Let’s find out from SVS volunteers!”

The SVS Success Story – As the number one promoter/recruiter in California of volunteer match-ing service opportunities through our RSVP and CCCV programs, and the management of the Paso Robles Senior Center, SVS programs generate substantial and important benefits for volunteers, seniors and the community. In May of each year, SVS recognizes the outstanding contribution from our volunteers by sponsoring a free Volunteer Recognition Brunch that celebrates their contribu-tions and recognizes outstanding individual accomplishments. Well, here’s what our volunteers are saying about volunteering from our May, 2019 Brunch survey.

Brunch, May, 2019 – Attendance was great, 129 attended. We asked them to fill out a short sur-vey, rate their volunteer experience and share a Personal Thought on the impact of volunteering in their lives.

Rating their Experience –Volunteers Rated Their Experience from Excellent/Exceptional to Dis-appointing – 116 Surveys Returned out of 129 in attendance.

Key Questions on Survey– Feeling appreciated for the volunteer work I do; My sense of accom-plishment; My sense of making a difference; Receiving enough preparation/explanation to do the daily work; My satisfaction with SVS staff; My Health.

Survey Results on Volunteer Experience – Over 90% of replies to survey questions rated their experiences as very positive, Excellent/Exceptional – There were no experiences that were Disappointing


Personal Thoughts, Their Words – “Volunteering was better than going back to work”; “Love what I do/you do.”; “Great Organization, wonderful folks, learning a lot and have acquired many beautiful friendships.”; “Rewarding experience and meeting new friends.”; “I feel like I contribute and help; It is good to be with people.”; “It’s rewarding and fun.”; “It is very rewarding and aids in continuing people’s lives.”; “Keeps a person rounded to the real world.”; “Most rewarding experi-ence of my life and a chance to give back.”; “Because it’s fun, we meet new people and always feels good to help others.”; “It’s a good way to serve others and they are so grateful.”; “Increase feelings of worth and purpose; does help others.”; “The good things we do for our community helps us too.”


Let’s look at those powerful volunteer words that gave purpose, joy and hope to their lives; rewarding, learning, friendships, contribute, fun, give back, worth, purpose, serve. And that gets me to how you can experience the life giving benefits from volunteering –Volunteer and en-courage people you know to volunteer. Contact us at, phone, 805-544-8740.